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    Watch Brett Young Give Thanks for Another No. 1 at ‘Mercy’ Party

    On Wednesday, we celebrated Brett Young‘s fourth No. 1 hit at his #4for4 party.

    To properly celebrate Young going four for four with “Mercy,” music industry and more gathered at Nashville Underground. Young’s co-writer, Sean McConnell, was also on hand and they were both honored during the event.

    Young took some time to give his thanks during the event. He even let industry in on the story behind the song. The country singer said he normally wouldn’t tell the story but because it was “interesting” he decided to share. He was actually a huge fan of McConnell and begged for the writing session long before it happened. Sounds like fate, right?

    Once it was written the song was even supposed to be on his record. Obviously, that changed and he explains why in the video with the acceptance speech above.

    Congratulations to Young on another No. 1 hit. We look forward to many more in the future!


    Did you miss our last celebration with Young? He threw a platinum pool party and you can see footage here

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