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    Brantley Gilbert Teams Up with Pedigree to Give Veterans Companion Dogs

    "These dogs and people are all heroes,” Gilbert says.

    Country music singer Brantley Gilbert has teamed up with Pedigree to help U.S. veterans. Together, they’re giving eight vets companion dogs during Gilbert’s tour.

    Pedigree and Gilbert are both big supporters of our veterans so this partnership is a no-brainer. The partnership came earlier this year when Gilbert had conversations with experts on how to help veterans with re-entry. At that point, he reached out to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and to Pedigree about pairing veterans in need with companions. The goal was to help normalize their re-acclimation during his The Ones Like Me Tour.

    “Nothing helps heal like an animal’s love,” Gilbert says. “These dogs aren’t just good dogs, they’re trained to help their veteran, and new companion, cope with stress, memories and triggers people can’t see and provide them with a sense of solid grounding. I am honored that the Pedigree brand agreed to be a part of this campaign because it’s something I really wanted to do — and they understand so many of the reasons why this is such a good remedy for these veterans.”

    Pedigree is working with Custom Canine Unlimited to transport and train each of the dogs and they’re providing a one-year supply of dog food. The dogs were recruited by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the veterans were identified by DAV.

    Brantley Gilbert Pedigree Companion Dogs
    “When we heard about what Brantley wanted to do on his The Ones That Like Me tour to honor veterans, we knew we had to help,” Elizabeth Barrett, Pedigree’s Brand Manager, says. “Brantley has distinguished himself as an artist who goes to great lengths to give back to America’s armed forces, and his efforts to provide companion dogs to veterans during this tour align perfectly with the Pedigree brand’s Feed the good campaign, which is based on the insight that dogs and humans benefit each other. Knowing that the Pedigree brand can play a part in finding loving homes for these dogs while giving back to those who have served our country is an incredible honor.”

    Every weekend of this spring’s tour, Gilbert will present a vet with his or her companion dog.

    “These dogs and people are all heroes. Seeing the faces of these vets when their dog comes bouncing into the room melts your heart. I know for these families, beyond being the family’s new best friend, these animals are helping heal things for these soldiers in ways nothing else can.”

    “It’s awesome the PEDIGREE brand would be part of this dream I had,” he continues. “They recognized the need for what this is and stepped up to make things happen. This is making a lot of people’s — not just the vet’s — lives better, happier, so many things.”

    Stay tuned to Gilbert and Pedigree’s Facebook pages for more.