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Brandon Jenner Impresses Nashville with Beautifully Simple Set

The Coffee House Live tour kicked off Friday night in Nashville and Brandon Jenner started the show.

As the lights went dim at 3rd and Lindsley, Jenner took the stage very quietly. A small applause broke out when the crowd noticed the singer-songwriter. This sums up his stage presence perfectly. He’s low-key. He donned jeans and a t-shirt with his long hair pulled into a low bun. The 36-year-old carried an acoustic guitar that he strummed alongside only a loop pedal and silver MacBook. That’s really all he needs.

Jenner’s set included several songs, most from his Burning Ground EP which dropped in late 2016. In between songs, he rarely spoke to the crowd unless he had something important to say. There was no small talk or chit chat and that worked in his favor. At one point, he did describe a song and its changing meaning since having a daughter.

“That song always meant something to me… it means something very different to me now,” he explained to a collective ‘Aww’ from the audience. “It is aww,” Jenner said with a smile.

Jenner ended his approximately thirty-minute performance with “Burning Ground” and “I Believe.” The former was the track that caught the eye of Sirius XM, making him a Coffee House Discovery artist. Before performing the latter and leaving the stage, Jenner explained that “I Believe” is the type of song he wants to create. He strives to write songs that make a difference.

I believe in peace, I believe in people, / I believe in you, if you believe in me, too,” he sings. “Listen to your heart, everyone is equal. / Giving all you have will leave you with nothing to lose.”

Jenner’s set is impressive. His lyrics are meaningful and he has no fears of doing it all himself. If the Coffee House Live tour is coming to your town, get there early and give Jenner thirty minutes of your time. Like what you hear? Download his EP on iTunes.

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