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    Brad Paisley’s ‘Bucked Off’ is a ‘Throwback’ to Why He Loves Country

    Brad Paisley‘s been working hard in the studio on new music. 

    He recently stopped by the Nashville SiriusXM studio to chat with The Highway host, Storme Warren, about the new tunes.

    I’ve been working on new music for a little while, cut a few songs. I’m in the studio with Dan Huff who is, as you know, an amazing guy, an amazing producer. It’s the first time I’ve worked with him,” he explains.

    Together, they created the new track, “Bucked Off.”

    “The reason that we picked this song, it’s a throwback for me to the reason I wanted to do country music. I came of age during the golden era for us, which was the late 80s/early 90s… You had so many different things on the radio but one of the things that was kind of consistent was the rodeo songs and the analogies to that way of life. I realized as I was writing songs for this record, I’ve never done one of those.”

    The song is a fun breakup song. Paisley did a demo for Huff, who helped him tweak the guitar. The result is a mash-up of the things Paisley loves about country music.

    “What we wound up with that’s magical is if you turn the song on in the verse, it’s the countriest thing in the radio. It feels like you’re in Marina Del Rey,” Paisley says. “Then if you turn on the chorus, it’s about the rockingest thing on the radio right now.” 

    Listen to the complete interview on SiriusXM’s The Highway below. Stay tuned for more news about Paisley’s new music and tune in to watch him host the CMA Awards on Nov. 14.

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