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    Boy George Calls on Radio DJs to ‘Break Free’ and Champion ‘New Acts’

    Boy George sees a gap in the music industry and he’s not keeping quiet about it. The icon took to Twitter to discuss the responsibility radio DJs have.

    “More radio DJs need to break free and start championing new acts. Unsigned acts,” he tweeted. “Not just the pretend alternative (secretly) corporate bands. I’m sick of hearing the same sounds over and over. Plant nothing new, nothing new grows.”

    The tweet received a huge response from fans, musicians and radio DJs. One Twitter user agreed and wrote, “Oh hell yes. Current pop music is dire. It’s all silly vocoders and synth marimbas and X featuring Y. It’s all the same and dull as hell.”

    A DJ by the name of Alex Baker also agreed with Boy George’s emotional tweet. Apparently, he plays music of all genres on his show but “the only rule is they cannot be signed to a major (or a subsidiary of a major).” Boy George says he doesn’t agree with a ban on artists signed to major record labels but does think only one thing should matter — “Are you any good?”

    What do you think about Boy George’s tweet? Do you agree that radio needs to play more unsigned artists? Let us know in the comment section below.

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