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    Bored During Quarantine? Play The Escape Game at Home

    Is the Coronavirus quarantine getting you down? Have you run out of shows to binge-watch on Netflix? Put the remote down. We have a new idea for you!

    The Escape Game is coming straight to you, despite the quarantine. There are options to try your hand at their games from the comfort of your own home. One is a digital-only version and the other is a board game the whole family can enjoy.

    Unlocked Volume 1 (Digital)

    The first option to play The Escape Game at home is through their digital game! It’s an at-home adventure where you use digital clues and an online dashboard to solve the puzzle. In this particular one, you’re chasing down the notorious art thief, Vincent Hahn.

    Start playing now by downloading this digital-only game here.

    Unlocked Volume 2 (Digital)

    If you’ve already purchased The Escape Game’s Volume 1, continue the adventure with Volume 2. In this game, your mission is to go to Hong Kong, find Vincent Hahn and capture him before he gets away.

    Start playing now by downloading Volume 2 here.

    Want to save money on Vol. 1 and Vol. 2? They’re each $10 but, if you purchase the bundle, you’ll save! Grab the bundle for $17 here.

    Escape from Iron Gate Board Game

    Want to get the whole family in on The Escape Game fun? Escape from Iron Gate is available on Amazon and, so far, people have been loving it (it was released as the No. 1 new game). It’s a fun party game for anyone you’re in quarantine with and it’s loosely based on their Prison Break escape room.

    Order the board game here. You’ll be enjoying your time in quarantine before you know it!


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