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    Bobby Hotel Announces The Hire Of Executive Chef Ryan Poli

    Esteemed Executive Chef to Revamp Hotel into a Local Culinary Gem

    The following is from a press release:

    Bobby  Hotel is thrilled to announce the appointment of acclaimed Chef Ryan Poli to Executive Chef leading all culinary operations of the lifestyle hotel. Hailing  from  Chicago,  Poli  brings  more  than  20  years  of  industry  experience  to  the  downtown Nashville  hotel, where  he  has  been  enlisted  to  reinvent  the  dining  experience  throughout  Bobby’s  four  culinary  and  cocktail  concepts. Most  recently  serving as Executive Chef at The Catbird Seat, Poli has made his return to Music City with the  ultimate vision of placing Nashville on the map as a world-renowned culinary destination. 

    “We are beyond excited to bring in an executive chef with the level of culinary experience  and perspective that Ryan has,” said  Jacob Strang, area director of culinary operations  for  Castlerock Asset Management, Bobby Hotel’s management group. “We feel our values as a  property perfectly align with Ryan’s goals for the overall destination: to spotlight the quality  and  talent  that  makes  Nashville  the  world-class  city  it  is.  Ryan’s  vision  for  our  culinary  outlets will add a new favorite Music City dining option for locals and travelers alike.”  

    Having  an  impressive  start  to  his  career,  Chef  Ryan  Poli  learned  from  some  of  the  most  notable chefs in the industry including Jean Banchet of Le Francais Restaurant and Thomas  Keller at The French Laundry, before moving to Spain to work under Chef Sergi Arola at La  Broche. Poli returned home to the Windy City in 2005, where he took on Executive Chef roles  at  highly  recognized  restaurants,  Butter,  Perennial,  and  Tavernita,  respectively  – each  earning coveted awards within the culinary industry. In 2013, Poli decided to pick up his life  and start from the beginning by learning to stage with other notable chefs all over the world  in the pursuit of self-discovery and inspiration. For two years, he traveled the globe – landing  him in countries such as Denmark,  Japan, and Australia, as well as stateside at Osteria in 

    Philadelphia  and  Blue  Hill  Stone  Barns  in  New  York.  While  abroad,  Poli  studied  under  prominent  culinary  names,  including  Rene  Redzepi,  Dan  Puskas  and  Dan  Hunter,  among  many others. 

    In 2016, Poli picked up and moved to Nashville to take on the role of executive chef of The  Catbird Seat, one of Music City’s most acclaimed restaurants.  In  this position, Poli put his  personal touch on the everchanging tasting menus, paying tribute to the worldly studies and  influences he gained over the past two years. While leaving this role at the beginning of 2019,  Poli took the remainder of the year to travel around Asia, ultimately leading him to work in  Bali in 2020. Due to the pandemic, he found himself returning back to Nashville to be closer  to family, where he fell back in love with the city all over again. In this new chapter, Poli will  be utilizing his new title at Bobby Hotel to add to Nashville’s gastronomy landscape while  solidifying the destination on the culinary map.  

    Locals and guests  of  the hotel can expect  to start  to experience  these changes at Bobby’s  beloved  outlets  by  the  end  of  the  year.  For  more  information  and  updates,  visit