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    Review: Blue Man Group’s ‘Speechless’ Tour is as Funny as it is Colorful

    Blue Man Group‘s “Speechless” Tour is at Nashville’s TPAC now through Feb. 16. It’s a multi-sensory experience that’s funny, colorful and perfect for all ages.

    The three unnamed Blue Men took the stage at Andrew Jackson Hall and mesmerized the audience for approximately 80 minutes. The highlight of this touring show is definitely the music, with the Men creating it through whatever means necessary. As always, there’s no speaking, yet the audience (of all ages) understood and laughed along with the show.

    The “Speechless” tour also relies heavily on audience participation, which adds to the uniqueness of this performance. Our favorite part (and the one that drew the most laughs) was when they selected a man and a woman from the crowd. These two strangers are pushed together onstage and eventually wind up “married.” We don’t want to give too much away but we do guarantee laughs!

    That all wraps up in the vibrant ending that the Blue Man Group is known for (that’s also the reason the first couple of rows wear ponchos!). Their drums are covered in fluorescent paint and, as they begin to play, the paint splashes around. This creates a gorgeous visual effect that has now become their signature.

    Blue Man Group’s “Speechless” Tour is at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall through Feb. 16 and there are two shows that are perfect for children. The Feb. 12 evening show and the Feb. 16 2 PM show are both kid-friendly. In fact, tickets for those shows are buy one get one free. There will also be kids activities in the lobby before the show on those dates. Tickets are available through TPAC’s official website.