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    Get in the Spooky Spirit with Blue Chair Bay Halloween Cocktails

    Happy Halloween! Blue Chair Bay Rum want to help you get in the Halloween spirit with these spooky recipes.

    Kenny Chesney‘s rum is one of our favorites — and not just because the country singer had a hand in its creation. It’s smooth. It’s delicious and you can mix it with basically anything. Blue Chair Bay Rum is perfect for the beach, a party or really anytime! The rum company created several spooky spirit recipes to get you feeling spooky.

    Don’t be scared of the zombie apocalypse. Drink it! The scary looking cocktail pictured above includes two types of Blue Chair Bay Rum, peach schnapps, sour apple pucker and sour mix. If sour is your thing, you may also want to try the poisoned apple recipe.

    Dressing like a devilish doctor this Halloween? Then the orange fix is the perfect drink (and accessory). It’s a cocktail that comes adorned with a plastic syringe.

    Martini lovers should mix up the bloody ghostini for Oct. 31. Not only does it look creepy but the cream of coconut will add a little sweetness to your spooky night.

    Happy Halloween and remember to drink responsibly (if you’re 21 and up). If you have a few too many creepy cocktails, order a Lyft and use code COTI8654.

    Happy Halloween