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Blister 5K Hot Sauce Run Set for Aug. 19 in East Nashville

This is a 5K that could inspire even a non-runner to come out! The inaugural Blister 5K Hot Sauce Run sounds like a spicy good time.

Blister Hot Sauce and Nashville Running Company recently announced this run that’s, well, exactly what it sounds like. At every mile, runners take a shot of Blister’s hot sauces. They start mild (Jalapeño Business), then go to medium (Blister’s Original), hot (Carolina Weeper), and then you’re rewarded with a cold treat (non-alcoholic beer or ice cream). The run happens on Aug. 19 at 12 PM CST at Cornelia Fort Airpark in East Nashville.

If you haven’t heard of Blister Hot Sauce, it was created by singer-songwriter Jeremy Lister alongside his brothers Richie and Jonathan. They wanted to bottle the flavors of their home state of Mississippi. The sauces are created by smoking a blend of three peppers. They want their sauces to compliment your foods, not overpower them.

“We are bringing the heat on all fronts for this 5K,” Lister explains. “It will be on a blacktop runway at noon in the middle of August, and you’ll be shooting hot sauce along the way. You’d have to be crazy to run this! I ran/drank the course last week. I am crazy.”

Registration for the Blister 5K Hot Sauce Run is $45 and can be done online. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see me out there!