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    Beth Beighey Reveals the Deep Meaning Behind ‘Wild,’ Tells Her Wildest Stories

    Beth Beighey is a Nashville singer-songwriter whose journey has brought her to this moment. Her debut EP, Wild, is out now and she’s baring her soul in its seven songs.

    Nashville Noise sat down with the talented songstress before the release. She wasn’t shy to spill all the beans on her wildest stories, her honest songs and the deep meaning behind the title Wild.

    Nashville Noise: We’re so excited for your debut! How are you feeling now that you’re days away from its release?
    Beth Beighey: Now that the EP release show is over and I have my album in hand, I am feeling so relaxed! It was honestly the most stressful month of my life leading up to the show. I was putting final touches on the EP and had a million things going on everyday to prepare. The hard copies literally arrived on my doorstep the day of the show! Now, I’m feeling refreshed with a brand new motivation for my career.

    Where’d the title come from?
    This is a loaded question but… my cousin Billy passed away four years ago. He was a musician from Michigan and when he died I basically inherited his band. About a week after he passed, his bandmates and I played a show together. Right before we went onstage I looked at my phone to check the time. My screensaver picture had changed and under the time was the word “Wild.” I was so confused and thought someone was messing with me and had changed things on my phone.

    At the time, I wasn’t realizing that my sweet cousin was known to everyone as “Wild Bill.” To me he was always just Billy. When we finished playing and got off stage, my phone was back to normal. It wasn’t until then that I realized Wild Bill was with us that night. Experiencing a supernatural phenomenon like that changed my life. I had proof in my hands that life is not over when we die. It still gives me goosebumps to talk about it today!

    WOW. That is amazing. He’s still with you… Overall, this EP tells the story of your journey over the last few years. Why’d you want to tell these stories?
    We all have a story to tell. I’m generally a pretty positive person but I’ve never been the best at communicating negative feelings so I write about them instead. I’ve had my heart broken more times than I’d like to admit. Most of these songs were born close to a nervous breakdown and writing was the absolute best therapy. I wanted people to hear these stories because in my opinion music needs soul-baring honesty to really connect with people.

    I know you’re proud of all these songs but do you have a track that you’re the most proud of?
    I will always have a soft spot for “Man of the Ocean Blue.” I was in love with a former Navy Seal for many years. He was the inspiration behind this song. Over five years had passed since I wrote it and my producer Matt Geroux was able to capture every emotion like I had written it yesterday. I wanted this song to sound like a lost heart beating at the bottom of the ocean. I’ll never forget the day Matt brought my song to life, I cried pretty hard in the studio while listening for the first time and he thought I was crying because I hated it! I was overwhelmed with emotion because it was exactly how I had heard it in my head for years and years.

    I love “Three Little Kisses.” What’s the story behind it?
    Three Little Kisses is a Swiss inspired song. I’ve been very blessed to tour in Switzerland a few times a year for weeks at a time. I have acquired a great fanbase there as well as acquiring a sort of extended family. The Swiss like to greet you hello and goodbye with three kisses on the cheeks.

    My producer turned this one into a hip-hop song and I couldn’t resist putting a little Detroit flair on the song so I wrote a rap! This is such a fun summer song and I can’t wait for people to be jamming either version on the boat or in the car with the windows rolled down!

    Alright, lastly, spill the beans. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
    One wild thing?! I’m an adventure seeker and love to live life on the edge. I’ve jumped out of a plane, skied the Swiss Alps, surfed in a hurricane, but currently I am wildy in love with a wonderful man who lives in Switzerland. He’s my best friend, and has been such a great support through the whole process of releasing this album. He loves my free spirit and I can’t think of anything wilder than dating someone who, for now, lives 5,000 miles away!

    Download your copy of Wild today and like Beighey’s page on Facebook. Maybe she’ll inspire you to live life a little more wild!