This is, By Far, the Best Moment in ‘That Thing You Do!’

That Thing You Do! was released in 1996 but the story is timeless, cheerful and will make audiences feel good for decades to come. The movie exudes happiness but there’s one part, in particular, that always brings a smile to my face and it may not be what you expect.

It’s just after Guy Patterson (played by Tom Everett Scott) joins The Oneders (later called The Wonders), helping the band win the local Battle of the Bands and improving their song, “That Thing You Do.” The song does so well that the band pulls their money together to press a record of the single. That’s when it happens. A local DJ puts the song on the radio and Faye (Liv Tyler) hears it while she’s licking stamps. What happens next is pure, unadulterated happiness.

Jimmy (Johnathon Schaech), Lenny (Steve Zahn), Patterson and The Bass Player (Ethan Embry) all come together to celebrate in Patterson’s family appliance store. Their enthusiasm is so infectious that even Patterson’s mom dances along — and we all know she’s not too keen on her son being in a band.

Watch the full clip above and join The Wonders tonight (April 17) as they host a live watch party for the movie. The fun starts at 6 PM CST on their YouTube page. The details are in Embry’s Instagram post below.

The entire live stream is a benefit for MusiCare’s COVID-19 Relief Fund and they’re doing it in honor of Adam Schlesinger, who died on April 1 from Coronavirus. Among other things, Schlesinger wrote the title track of the film.