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Best Ice Cube Movies of All Time

Ice Cube is one of the funniest people on this planet, and when you look at his filmography, you can’t help but be blown away at the number of fantastic movies he has been in.

21/22 Jump Street

Spoiler Alert! I present to you… drum roll please… one of the funniest moments in any comedy. Ever. It’s the scene where Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) finds out Schmidt (Jonah Hill) is dating his daughter. It’s hilarious and then you add in Jenko (Channing Tatum) cracking jokes. It is comedy gold.

Ride Along/Ride Along 2

Kevin Hart’s comedy combined with Ice Cube’s serious nature makes for some classic scenes in these two movies. Kevin Hart tries to earn the respect of his girlfriend’s brother — and Ice Cube could care less. He definitely does not want him dating his daughter.

Friday/Next Friday/Friday After Next

Ice Cube has many dynamic on-screen pairings but none are as good as the one he has with Mike Epps. Whether you’re talking about their work on Next Friday, Friday After Next, All About the Benjamins or Lottery Ticket, nobody matches what they do together on the big screen. They work so well together, they’ll make you laugh until you cry.


Older generations were scared of getting in the water after Jaws. For me, it was Anaconda that made me not want to step foot in the lake. Ice Cube brought the comedy as he, along with Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Danny Trejo, lead this star-studded film where they try to capture the world’s largest snake.

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