Ben Kweller Shares the ‘Heart Attack Kid’ Music Video


Ben Kweller really is back! He just released his first new song in five years and there’s a vibrant visual for the track. “Heart Attack Kid” is out now and he created the video with Robert Strange of Superorganism.

“Making the ‘Heart Attack Kid’ music video with Ben Kweller was the first big project I’ve done outside of my band, Superorganism,” Strange explains. “Stylistically, I wanted to take a step in a new direction while making the video true to who Ben is and the world he lives in. Ben shot the live action stuff on his ranch in Texas and I meshed that together with the story of a claymation rattlesnake who hears ‘Heart Attack Kid’ floating on the breeze and sets off on a mission to find the source.”

“It was great collaborating with Ben — he’s got so much energy and has a really special thing going on at his label The Noise Company. We were chatting pretty much every day, passing ideas back and forth and fine-tuning the video. I learned a lot making this video and together we ended up making a piece of art that I’ll always be extremely proud of.”

The full music video is available above.

Kweller is bringing “Heart Attack Kid” and his new tunes to Nashville on Feb. 25, when he’ll play The Basement with Modern Love Child. Information for that show is here and full tour dates are on his website.

As we previously reported, Kweller is back to making music after a break. He recently shared with fans why he took such a drastic break. He and his family had a near-death experience that changed their lives. Read that story here.