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    Bebe Rexha Songwriter: 6 Tracks the Talented Singer Has Penned

    You know Bebe Rexha‘s own songs like, “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody),” but did you know she’s also a songwriter? She’s the writer behind several hit songs.

    According to the bio on her official website, Rexha reached a crossroads in her life several years ago. Both her personal and professional lives were changing and, instead of letting it get her down, she attended a writing workshop. The New York-born singer channeled her energy into music and songwriting and, thus, a talented songwriter was born. Those songs became All Your Fault, which she released in two parts.

    “I just started writing. Rather than victimizing, I looked at myself and reflected on who I am,” she explains. All Your Fault is actually a positive. The idea isn’t, ‘It’s all your fault I’m sad.’ The idea is, ‘It’s all your fault, I’m a better woman.’ Instead of being upset and bitter for getting f*cked over, I decided to take my life into my own hands. I’m not holding back with the music.”

    Rexha doesn’t just write music for herself, though. She’s also putting that talent to good use and penning songs for other artists. Here are six tracks Rexha has written — and some of them may surprise you.

    1. “The Monster”

    Rexha is the songwriter behind Eminem and Rihanna‘s 2013 song, “The Monster.” This smash hit was a No. 1 track on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. According to the NY Post, prior to writing the song, Rexha had “met” Rihanna. The “Umbrella” singer stopped by the Saks perfume counter where Rexha was working, but she didn’t speak to Rexha. Read the whole story on the NY Post.

    2. “All Hands on Deck”

    Rexha is also the pen behind Tinashe’s super catchy, “All Hands on Deck.” The song is one of female empowerment and self-confidence and, admit it, after one listen you’ve got it in your head for weeks.

    3. “Hey Mama”

    Remember David Guetta’s earworm “Hey Mama” from 2015? Rexha was one of several songwriters behind that pop hit. It was a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and a No. 1 single on other charts. Her voice also appeared on the track alongside Nicki Minaj and Afrojack.

    4. “Team”

    Rexha also wrote Iggy Azalea’s “Team” from 2016. This was a big track for Azalea because it was the lead single from Digital Distortion, which was supposed to be released this year. Unfortunately, the album was leaked and now fans may never get it.

    5. “Like a Champion”

    Like A Champion” is a track from Selena Gomez‘s Stars Dance album. “Stand up let ’em know that you shine bright, / Throw down let ’em know that you got fight. / Walk like a champion, walk like a champion,” Gomez sings in the Rexha written song.

    6. “Glowing”

    Rexha’s first break as a songwriter was with the 2010 track, “Glowing,” by Nikki Williams. She wrote the song for the South African singer-songwriter, who made it a Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs hit.