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    Recipe: Sirloin Burger Inspired by Jake Owen’s ‘Beachin”

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    It’s summer and that means it’s grilling weather. I’m a self-proclaimed Beefitarian™ (AKA someone who loves and craves beef — I can actually tell when my body needs it) and I love enjoying a steak, burger or any other beef recipe straight from the grill. Beef is important to incorporate in my diet because of the health benefits. It’s full of iron, vitamins B6 & B12, niacin, zinc, phosphorus, selenium and more. Most importantly, to me, it’s a great source of protein. 

    If you ask me what kind of steak I like, I’ll always say ribeye, but I do love all cuts of beef. I try to get inventive with my steak recipes and use different ones for stir fry, tacos, burgers and more. You may be surprised with what you love! 

    I get bored with my usual burger a lot so I’m encouraging you to try a new recipe with a new form of beef. This is the perfect recipe for that. This unique burger was inspired by Jake Owen’s “Beachin’” and will transport you from the streets of Music City to your favorite beach thanks to a grilled pineapple. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

    If you’re anything like me, you already love a big, juicy burger. For this burger, though, forget your typical ground chuck or ground beef. For the Beachin’ Burger, you’ll use a pound of ground sirloin. You can’t beat the flavor of sirloin — plus it’s leaner! Like other cuts of beef, sirloin is very nutritious. Of course you know it’s full of high-quality protein but did you also know it’s also loaded with B12, niacin, iron and zinc? 

    Ok enough about how much I love beef, let’s get cooking!

    To start, you’ll wet your beef with worcestershire sauce and then season it with salt, pepper and creole seasoning. Now, you’ll get your hands dirty (don’t forget to wash them) and start making the patties. Since this is a beef recipe, it’s super easy to make, and “stuffing” them with pepper jack cheese sounds more complicated than it actually is. Just make a small patty, add a slice or a half slice of cheese, and then make another patty. Mold them together to form your thick, delicious burger.

    Once your grill is ready, add your pineapple, burgers and wheat buns. When it’s time to flip your Beachin’ Burger, glaze it with your favorite sweet ‘n spicy BBQ sauce. Use as much as your heart desires!

    When your burgers are cooked to perfection, take them off and assemble them on your slightly grilled bun. On top of the burger, add your grilled pineapple and as many caramelized onions as you can stand! 

    Check out the full recipe and the video for this recipe over at the official Beefitarian website. Let them inspire you to create new recipes with different cuts of beef or submit your own. While you’re there, vote for your favorite burger (pick the Beachin’ Burger if you love it). Voting is open from July 20 to July 30 and you can vote once per day. Every vote matters because, for every one, Beefitarian will donate $1 per vote up to $10,000 to the Nashville Food Project. Help those in need in our local community get beef and other delicious, nutritious food just by voting! 

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