Watch Backstreet Boys Cluck Their Way Through ‘Everybody’

The Backstreet Boys celebrated DNA with a media whirlwind. Their stop by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was the most interesting, though. They clucked “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” in chicken suits (yes, really).

Backstreet’s back alright but they look a little different — and they’ve changed their name a little. While on Fallon’s show, they donned bright yellow chicken suits and went by their alter ego, Bawkstreet Boys. They also added a sixth member that looks a lot like Fallon himself.

“Here to perform an all-clucking version of ‘Everybody’ by the Backstreet Boys, please welcome the Bawkstreet Boys,” Steve Higgins said on the show before the camera revealed the boys’ new getups.

Surprisingly, they kept straight faces while bawking and clucking to their smash hit (we saw your near giggle though, Nick). They were even able to shake a few tail feathers while behind their microphones. We didn’t see the usual “Everybody” moves but these were pretty great.

Watch for yourself above.

DNA is out now and Kevin, Brian, Nick, AJ and Howie say, “this is our favorite album… ever.” Download your own copy by clicking on the album artwork below (it’s less than $10 on Amazon).