2022 Grammy Nominations

    The 64th GRAMMY Awards air live on Jan. 31. With the show just around the corner, the Recording Academy officially announced the 2022 nominees...

    Why Workplace Cleanliness is Becoming a National Issue

    The key to an effective work environment is its people. Most businesses today prioritize their worker’s welfare by giving them health and safety benefits...

    What Would a Nashville Casino Look Like?

    There is no indication that Tennessee will be legalizing in-person casinos anytime soon. The state has maintained a fairly rigid stance in this regard...

    Interested in Relocating to Nashville? Here’s What to Know

    Do you want to move to Nashville to enjoy the Tennessee lifestyle? Here are some important things to know first. These things will help...

    Online Casinos Could Soon Come to Tennessee

    This article was written by David Norris. Tennessee is not among the small handful of states across America that can claim to be a casino...

    Review: ‘Amulet’ is a Slow-Building Artsy, Horror Film

    Amulet is the story of Tomaz (Alec Secareanu), a former soldier dealing with past trauma. When he becomes homeless at the story's start, he...

    Bluegrass Fiddle Player, Deanie Richardson, Shares Reaction to Grammy Nod

    “It’s insane.” This is Bluegrass fiddle playing extraordinaire, Deanie Richardson’s, first reaction when it comes to being nominated for a Grammy. Richardson received this nod...

    Re Mattei’s ‘Feels Like it’s Gonna Rain’ is the Prescription for your Breakup

    Breakups are the worst. Sometimes the worst part is when you know the relationship is done but you don’t know how to end it....

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