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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Aussie Sibling Trio Audio Vixen

    Aussie sibling trio, Audio Vixen, are gearing up to release their first single to the US. Nashville Noise got to chat with the band before the release of their song, “Another Minute.”

    Audio Vixen is Ria, Christine and Ross Pirrelli. They’ve already developed a name for themselves in Australia thanks to both their vocals and their The X Factor (Australia) finalist spot, but now they’re bringing their music to America.

    We chatted about their influences, their new single and about their upcoming first trip to Nashville.

    Nashville Noise: We’re so excited you’re dropping your first US single! We want our audience to get to know you but we’ve got to know about your name first. Where did that come from?
    Christine Pirrelli: We were brainstorming one night and just word mapping on a page and we came up with Audio Vixen. We’re happy we’ve come across so many people who love the name. It makes sense because Ross is the strongest musically (Audio) and Ria & I are the (Vixens).

    Obviously, you’re siblings but how did you realize how well you meshed together musically?
    Ria Pirrelli: Our parents are both entertainers and Christine and I joined them on stage from a very young age. Then, when Ross was in high school and playing guitar we started jamming with him and realized we had a very special blend of harmonies. We sound so different from each other individually so maybe we all bring something to the group that completes the sound.

    What were some of your biggest influences growing up?
    Ross Pirrelli: Collectively it’s the 70s classic rock era that influences our writing and our harmonies… We also cite influences like Coldplay, Lady Antebellum, Jamiroquai, John Mayer. Even though individually we all listen to a vast range of music.

    Many people may not realize that country music is that popular in Australia. What can you tell us about the country music scene there?
    Ria: If you’ve ever been to the Tamworth Country Music Festival in NSW you’ll realize just how big the country music scene in Australia really is. It’s probably the genre here that has the most longevity if you’re an artist.

    This single is called “Another Minute,” what’s the story behind it?
    Christine: [It] is about someone who is in a relationship that started off so beautifully and is now beginning to see that even though they love the other person, maybe these two people aren’t right for each other. So it’s time to walk away before things get ugly.

    How did you know you wanted this to be the song that introduced you to US audiences?
    Ross: It’s a song that relates to all audiences of any age, gender, race. It’s a feeling that a lot of people experience in life and even though it’s technically a breakup song, musically it’s a feel-good tune and we hope people will love it.

    What are you most excited about doing here in Nashville?
    Ria: Everything! But mostly we can’t wait to bring our music to the city and play it live for audiences there.

    Lastly, what are your musical goals for 2019?
    Ross: Our biggest goal is for us to get our music out there and hope that audiences love this album as much as we loved making it. We are so proud to have this body of work to present to everyone and if we can get people talking about Audio Vixen and our music then that’s just the beginning of what we hope will be a great year for us.

    Stay tuned for more from Audio Vixen and preview the new single below.

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