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    Audio Exclusive: Nicky James’ Unapologetically Honest ‘Common Ground’

    Nicky James is poised to take the country music world by storm with his prolific storytelling and undeniable star potential. With Grammy-award nominated producer, Eric Torres (Jamey Johnson) at the helm, he seeks to find “Common Ground” with his upcoming release. We’re excited to share the exclusive premiere of the timely self-penned track which is set for digital release on July 9. Showcasing his signature vocals, “Common Ground” is unapologetically authentic with a hook that is strong enough to seamlessly transition to radio.

    “2020 will go down as one of the most frustrating times we as a civilization have ever gone through. That one year managed to separate people more than I’ve ever seen and created a big divide within groups of family and friends,” James explains honestly. “This song is to bring people back to a ‘Common Ground’ where we love each other not based off what side you’re on, but off the realization that we’re all in this thing called life together just trying to make a livin’ when the goin’ gets tough.”

    The track is a follow-up to his last single, the powerful “Addict’s Knot.” Both tracks are part of a forthcoming project set to be released later in the year. 

    Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska to a musical family, breaking out the guitar was just a normal part of daily family life. His parents raised him on the American classics, like James Taylor, John Denver and The Eagles, and those legends have had a major impact on his songwriting style. His passion for country music was instilled in him at a young age and he made the full-time pursuit while only in his teens. Playing anywhere and everywhere that would allow him, he learned and fine-tuned his chops at that young age. As if it was inevitable, he eventually made his way to Nashville where the rising talent has big plans. Get to know him better in our recent interview.

    Listen to “Common Ground” here.