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    Audio Exclusive: Nick Walker’s ‘Somewhere in Savannah’

    Nick Walker has built a loyal following thanks to his smooth vocals and catchy, hook-driven melodies that infuse a bit of the island sounds into country. “Somewhere In Savannah” is his latest track, produced by Grady Saxman, with a digital release date of June 2. We’re excited to share the exclusive premiere a day early!

    The relatable, mid-tempo single is a song of longing, something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. With a swelling melody line akin to the waves found at the beaches he spends his time creating on, the upcoming track has the potential to land him on the map in Nashville — and beyond. 

    This is a follow-up to his last single, the summer power anthem “Just Add Walker,” and the second in a series of new music expected to be released throughout the year. Walker hopes to continue to live by his motto: “There’s no sense in fighting the tides when I could just roll with them.”

    Although Walker is an artist born and raised in Ohio, it wasn’t very long in his music career that he found himself playing full-time in Key West, Florida. About nine months after he first picked up a guitar in 2018 due to a breakup, he found himself down south in the Florida Keys and he recalls how everything just, “felt right.” Newly into playing music part-time, he went back home to Ohio, quit his job and moved down to Key West to start his music career. 

    Check out “Somewhere in Savannah” below and let us know what you think in the comments.