Nashville Noise Gets to Know ‘Country Vogue’ Artist Ashlie Amber

When I think of my favorite artists, Ashlie Amber is an artist that always comes to mind. She’s bold, talented, charismatic, fashionable and the embodiment of “Country Vogue,” a term she coined. Our schedules finally aligned during CRS 2021 and I had a few minutes to get to know the talented artist.

In our interview, Amber discussed why she feels such a deep connection to Whitney Houston and how she discovered country music. Soon after discovering the genre, she started listening to LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain and Faith Hill (eventually she discovered Dolly Parton).

It took a while for the fashionista to realize she wanted to pursue being an artist professionally but, when she did, she knew she had to take it seriously. She started putting more thought into her social media channels and even started her own publishing company, Diva Music Group. She’s building an empire and we’re blessed to know her.

Today (Feb. 26), Amber released a brand new song, “Those Nights.” In our interview, she talks about how that song — and 13 others — came about. It’s her first release on Diva Music Group and her very first self-penned single.

Watch the full interview above and support the Country Vogue artist by downloading her brand new single below.

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