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    Artists Remember John Prine

    Grammy-Award winning, Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member John Prine died on Tuesday (April 7) from COVID-19. He was 73 years old.

    Prine was known for a lot of music but some of his most legendary songs include “Hello in There,” “Sam Stone,” “Angel From Montgomery” and “Paradise.” He had written hits for artists like Johnny Cash, George Strait, Don Williams, the Everly Brothers, Carl Perkins and Bette Midler. He also worked successfully as a singer, author, actor and record label owner.

    Now, artists remember the talented songwriter who leaves behind an incredible legacy.

    “I have enjoyed John’s music for many years. He was a truly gifted man and he will be missed. My prayers go out to his family.”- Charley Pride

    “John Prine was a national treasure. I used to go hear him play at the Bluebird Cafe back in the day. What an amazing songwriter and storyteller he was. Honestly, John was a genuine and affable guy with such a humble nature. If you met him it really wasn’t surprising that he had such a well of stories inside of him. So deeply talented and a true musical pioneer. This is yet another heart-wrenching loss for our music community. Restless Heart sends our condolences and prayers of peace to his beloved wife and family, friends and fans as the entire world mourns this loss.” – Dave Innis / Restless Heart

    “All of The Oak Ridge Boys are saddened by the loss of John Prine. The man was a genius songwriter! I have been listening to his music and praying for him since he got sick and to be honest, I didn’t really know John personally but my heart is heavy nonetheless.”- Joe Bonsall / Oak Ridge Boys

    “God bless John Prine. We have lost another true legend and national treasure. RIP.” – Sammy Kershaw

    “FISH and WHISTLE.” – Todd Snider

    “Nashville has lost another legendary artist. John Prine will always be remembered for his great music. I will always remember John’s wonderful smile and how nice and caring he was. Sending lots of love to his family.”- Crystal Gayle

    “Last night, yet again, we lost another music legend. John Prine has passed. One of the greatest songwriters ever. His work, songs like ‘Paradise,’ ‘Sam Stone,’ ‘Please Don’t Bury Me,’ and so many others will remain a part of American music folklore, never to be forgotten. I only met him once, in Sun Valley, Idaho, and he was very kind to me. May God be with his family and loved ones. Godspeed, John Prine.” – Collin Raye

    “Like all good literature, art and music, he’s leaving us with a lot to think about and he had the kindness to serve it up with humor and irony, the very essence of kindness. There’s no end to our gratitude for John Prine. It hurts.” Pam Tillis

    “So sad to see another great music legend leave us. My family sends prayers to John Prine’s family.”- Lee Greenwood

    “So sorry to hear about the passing of John Prine. Singer, performer and songwriter extraordinaire. Rest in Peace, sir. You will be remembered and missed.” – Charlie Daniels

    “John Prine’s passing leaves a huge void in the songwriting department of our business. He truly was one of the kindest and most talented people that ever put pen to paper. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and fans at this difficult time when another one of our great musical talents has gone silent. He will be deeply missed.” – T.G. Sheppard

    “John was a sweet genius who always had time for conversation with me and as a songwriter, he was untouchable.”– T. Graham Brown

    “I was so sorry to hear of John Prine’s passing. He certainly will be missed in our community. John was a brilliant singer-songwriter that could always make you feel like you were right there in the place he was singing about. In an industry of big bands, John didn’t need that. He was the band! John and his guitar could entertain thousands at a time.    A rare quality in any generation. John, Rest in Peace! We know what an indelible mark you made on the music we all love.” – Ricky Skaggs

    “John Prine was a genius.  He wrote some of the most poignant songs ever.  ‘Paradise’ was one of the first songs I ever learned to play on the guitar.  We will miss you old friend and your magical craft.” – Darryl Worley

    “After having the honor of seeing John Prine on a few occasions, it was no secret how much he is loved and admired. I last saw him at the Marty Stuart Late Night Jam and was fortunate to have a front-row seat. I captured many great photos, and will cherish the photos as a wonderful memory of witnessing one of the greatest songwriters to walk God’s Earth.”- Rhonda Vincent

    “I really feel like we’ve lost one of our generation’s great champions for living outside the senses.”- Lacy J. Dalton

    “John Prine was a master poet. He was a hand-skilled carpenter of songs. We’ve lost yet another great American treasure. Rest easy, John.” – John Anderson

    “John Prine was a treasure! He inspired every singer/songwriter who has ever lived. He has survived several health challenges and I was praying that he would survive this. There was only one John Prine. Everyone looked up to him and he will be missed by not only Nashville but around the world. We love you, John.”– Deborah Allen

    “I used to sing his song ‘Paradise’ about Muhlenburg county during my shows in clubs. It was written about how the coal mines stripped away the vegetation and trees. He also wrote ‘Angel From Montgomery,’ which was a hit by Bonnie Raitt. This is the kind of music that I have always loved. It was a touch of blues and a touch of pop. I have always loved his music and style. He was a leader in the ‘awareness’ songs and was a huge influence in my life and my approach to music. You will be missed, John.”- Janie Fricke

    “I first met John Prine in the 70’s backstage at the Grand Ole Opry.  He was perhaps one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the honor to meet.  No star attitude whatsoever. He was just an average guy who loved words.  And he became one of the greatest wordsmiths of our time. His lyrics are pure poetry.  He never worried about making his songs commercial. He wrote from the heart and the gut.  Ironically I was in the studio last month and recorded one of his songs that I’ve loved for years called  “Blue Umbrella.” John would say in three minutes what an author would say in 256 pages. What a talent!”- Tim Atwood

    “So sad to hear the passing of the legendary John Prine. One of the most influential songwriters of our time gone way too soon! His music will live on forever.”- J.D. Shelburne

    “It was 1973 in Chicago, during a taping of Soundstage, that my favorite songwriter, Kris Kristofferson, introduced me to his favorite songwriter, John Prine. He very soon-later that night in fact became one of my favorite songwriters too, as John, Kris and I sat in the floor of Kris’ room at The Palmer House and traded songs until daylight. I think Stevie Goodman was there too. John was a true craftsman and a humble, wonderful man. Rest in Peace, ‘Johnny.'” – Larry Gatlin

    “John Prine was one of the most beloved and well-versed songwriters in the business, and his passing is a huge loss to songwriters and fans alike. The mark he made on the Americana/folk/country music industry was remarkable – one that no one else could ever dream of accomplishing. His songwriting will be deeply missed, but even more than that is his infectious smile and sweet spirit. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of John’s family and friends, as well as all the fans he has made over the years. There will truly never be another John Prine.”- Paige King Johnson

    “John Prine was a giant when it came to songwriters. He never wasted a word in his songs, and he kept the music simple and accessible to us all. If Hank Williams, Bobby Dylan and Johnny Cash morphed into one being, it was John Prine. RIP.” – Billy Dean


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