April 2023 New Music: An All-Genre Playlist from Nashville Noise

Nashville Noise

April 2023 saw a lot of great music releases. Some of our favorite newcomers released new songs this month and one of our favorite TikTok songs (hint: it involves a fish) also dropped. Here is our April 2023 New Music Playlist with something for everyone.

“Taking Things for Granted” – Joy Oladokun

“I wrote ‘Taking Things for Granted’ about the way the things we’ve been through shape the way we grow up to see the world,” Oladokun explains. “Producing this song was one of my favorite moments of making this record because it was equal parts honest and experimental.” This song is from her album, Proof of Life, which just dropped on April 28 via Amigo Records/Verve Forecast/Republic Records.

“Sink or Swim” – Chase Shakur

This song is our very first taste of Atlanta singer-songwriter Chase Shakur’s upcoming album. This is also his Def Jam label debut single. It’s our first taste of Shakur and, if this song is any indication, we’re going to love this new release. There’s also an accompanying music video, directed by Khari McCloud.

“Jealous of Myself” – Tenille Arts and LeAnn Rimes

Tenille Arts’ current single, “Jealous of Myself” got the duet treatment when Dreamcatcher Artists released an updated version of the song with LeAnn Rimes. Townes says, “LeAnn in particular has been a huge part of my story in Country Music since I was very young. One of my most viewed videos on TikTok is of me singing ‘Blue’ when I was 11 years old, and then it transitions to a full circle moment of performing it on the Opry. I am so grateful and humbled by LeAnn’s willingness to collaborate with me on this very special song. I will remember and cherish this forever.” 

“Rescued” – Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters just released their first single since the passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins. “Rescued” is the first release from their forthcoming record, But Here We Are, which is set to drop on June 2. It’s everything we’ve come to know and love from the band, albeit so bittersweet.

“I Should Have Married You” – Old Dominion

We loved getting to hear this one during a Sony event at CRS this year. The track was written and produced by Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung and Brad Tursi alongside award-winning songwriter Shane McAnally. “There must be a lot of people out there that either need to hear this or need to say it,” said frontman Matthew Ramsey. “If you dance hard enough and sing loud enough, maybe the regret will go away!”

“Heart to Break” – Ryan Griffin

“I’m really excited to have ‘Heart to Break’ out in the world — I’ve never heard a heartbreak song said quite like this one. It’s a message about living in that in-between space, where your heart’s not ready to try again but you want to move on. It’s been incredible seeing people instantly connect with this message,” Griffin says of the new release.

“Last Man in Tennessee” – Track45

We’ve got another heartbreak song on this April 2023 New Music Playlist. This one is from Track45. “This song is a comeback to that guy who thinks you’ll never get over him – your world doesn’t revolve around him anymore, and it’s better that way!” says the band. “It’s easy to feel depressed after a relationship ends… that you’ll never find the right one, but this song is a fun, lighthearted anthem to remind yourself ‘I’m so over him’ and there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

“Red Lights” – Sam Grow

“Those one stoplight towns sure can draw up a lot of memories while you’re waiting for it to change to green,” Sam Grow says of the song. “If you’ve ever had a relationship within a square mile place where every memory you made together is painted all over town, you’ll want to hear this.”

“Girl I Know a Guy” – Alex Miller

Country up-and-comer Alex Miller just released his newest song, “Girl I Know a Guy.” Nashville Noise‘s Brooke Whisnant got to talk to him about the release (and a really exciting songwriting collaboration) in a brand new interview.

“Little Girl Gone” – CHINCHILLA

This is one of two of our TikTok discoveries this month. This one is a powerful anthem that we’ve been screaming along to since it came across our for you page. “Say that again, I didn’t quite hear ya” gets me every time.

@chinchilla_music Oop I made a song 👀 #songwriter #singer #femaleproducer #newmusic ♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

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