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    5 Things That Happened During ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ in 4DX

    This weekend, I tried out Regal Cinemas Opry Mills’ 4DX theater for a viewing of The Angry Birds Movie 2. I’d never actually been in a 4DX theater and, although I kind of knew what to expect, I wanted to surprise myself and my seven-year-old daughter. We went in open-minded — and hungry (so we opted for the theater’s Cheetos popcorn).

    Here are five things that happened during the movie:

    1. We immediately noticed the seats looked more like a theme park ride than a movie theater. It made the experience immediately exciting so we climbed right in (I may have even looked around for a seatbelt!). Sitting in a motorized seat is a brand new experience but, I can promise you, it’s completely worth it. When the movie started, it was instantly fun. A bird flew through the air on the screen as the wind blew around us in our seats as they leaned left and right. It honestly felt like a (safer) rollercoaster.
    2. The seats do so much more than just vibrate. When the character on screen fell or flew into a wall, the seat’s back would do something similar. This was one of the coolest features!
    3. There was lighting in the movie and, when the lightning struck, the theater’s lights would flash. This made the movie feel even closer than on the screen.
    4. Although the moving chairs and flashing lights were cool, there was another feature I liked even more. There are mist machines in front of the chairs. They’re used to create tiny “splash-like” mists when it’s appropriate in the movie. It’s a fun surprise when it happens for the first time. (Not a fan of mist? You can turn it off with the touch of a button.)
    5. To make intense scenes even more thrilling, there are also fog machines. This combined with the mist and lights really make for an exciting experience.

    Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at the 4DX theater for The Angry Birds Movie 2. Not only was the theater really cool, it was amazing to take a seven-year-old to a movie where she didn’t get bored — at all. She enjoyed every minute of the unique experience and the movie. She sat in her seat the entire time, mesmerized, and went along for the ride.

    Want to see this Sony Pictures film at Regal Cinemas Opry Mills? Want to see what other films are available in 4DX? Head here to get tickets. (I also highly recommend the Cheetos popcorn that’s only available at Regal Cinemas.)