Exclusive Premiere: Angel Edwards’ ‘Thank God It Didn’t Work Out’ Video

Pop-country singer, Angel Edwards, is really glad it didn’t work out with her ex. Her new song, “Thank God It Didn’t Work Out,” expresses that and we have the exclusive premiere for the song’s fun-filled music video.

The song, which was co-written by Edwards, Haley Mae Campbell and Josh McAfee, is a brand new track from the singer. In it, she reminisces on everything she won’t miss about her ex. It’s a catchy track that you’ll be singing along with after just one listen. You’ll also probably think to yourself, “Yep. I’ve been there.”

She sings, “I’d probably be flat broke or flat or flat-out brokenhearted and done with the same old fight you always started. I’d probably be too scared to settle down if you were still around.”

The video showcases Edwards singing the track in a familiar location. She shot it with her band and video director/producer Randy Schaffer of Vibe Entertainment right here in Nashville.

“I love this video because of the love and encouragement behind it. Our friends at Tin Roof were 100% on board with us filming it there and the entire staff was incredibly kind and helpful with anything and everything that we needed,” Edwards says. “The band members in the video are some of my closest friends — which made shooting so much fun!”

Watch the fun video above and give her a follow on Facebook. She’s spunky, fun and so talented!