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    Andrew Joslyn Discusses the ‘Terrifying’ Choice to Release a Solo Album

    Andrew Joslyn has an impressive resume. He’s a composer, orchestral arranger, violinist and producer whose list of musical contributions is lengthy. Despite all that experience, he says releasing a solo album was risky — and terrifying.

    Joslyn grew up studying classical music but experimented with other genres in college. Fast forward to today and he’s putting that experimentation to good use. He’s scored films and worked with more artists than we can name but one endeavor was particularly successful. He contributed his songwriting and composing skills to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ 4x Grammy Award winning album, The Heist.

    All that wasn’t enough for Joslyn though. He wanted something to call his own.

    “I didn’t want to be a classical jukebox for other people’s music. I feel like life’s too short to replicate other people’s work,” he says before adding, “It took a long time for me to gain the confidence to feel like I had something worth saying and writing.”

    The Heist helped to boost his confidence, though, and Joslyn went to L.A. to get things rolling. He spoke with producers, A&R reps, film studios and licensing houses who all said the same thing. “They were all like, ‘You have a really impressive portfolio. You’ve worked with so many different artists. You obviously know your craft really well but what is it that you do? Is there anything that you own that’s yours, that’s your voice?’ And at the time I didn’t. I think that was frustrating but it was a very significant wake-up call.”

    Andrew JoslynThat wake-up call brought us Joslyn’s solo debut, Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean, which started out as a scoring reel. The end result bends genres while remaining deeply honest and raw.

    “This was the riskiest thing I’ve ever done. It was terrifying,” Joslyn says of his 11-track release. “The whole album, in the end, became this journey and this reflective surface for all these things that I was trying to figure out.”

    A standout on the album is “I Should Have Said Goodbye Before I Met You,” with Susy Sun. It’s the first track he wrote for the album and he thinks it plays out like a Bond film. It’s that point after a relationship when you’re packing up all of your things wondering what went wrong. At the song’s end, he goes from blaming his ex to realizing how much he was actually at fault. It’s both powerful and universal.

    In fact, the entire album is pretty universal. Joslyn says he “did not expect it to resonate so strongly with people the way it has.” But you’ve got to hear it to understand why.

    Check out Joslyn’s impressive solo debut now on iTunes and be on the lookout for Hickok, the wild Bill Hickok film that Joslyn recently scored. It stars Luke Hemsworth and features both Trace Adkins and Kris Kristofferson.

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