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    ‘Anastasia’ Wows TPAC Audience on Opening Night

    Anastasia, a new Broadway musical, opened on Tuesday night at Nashville’s TPAC. The show got a standing ovation after taking attendees on a beautiful journey.

    Anastasia was inspired by the films and is a musical full of adventure and romance. The show comes from the minds of the Tony Award-winning creators of Ragtime, Terrence McNally, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens. With a combination of beautiful music and dazzling set designs, the show transports us from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s.

    The story begins in the home of the Romanov family, who are soon murdered by the Bolsheviks. Anastasia’s grandmother, Maria, is the only survivor. She fled before the murders to Paris — where she told Anastasia to meet her. Following the murders, a rumor circulates that the Grand Duchess, Anastasia, somehow survived but no one has found her.

    Anya, a strong-willed woman, suffers from amnesia and wants to discover her past. She does so with the help of a charming conman and an ex-aristocrat. Is she the real Anastasia? Only time, a dangerous trip to Paris and Maria will know for sure.

    After seeing opening night of Anastasia at TPAC, Nashville Noise has several reasons to recommend this show. It’s visually stunning, thanks to the scenic design of Alexander Dodge and the projection design of Aaron Rhyne. The show takes full advantage of gorgeous scenery and projection, especially when the trio take a train trip in ACT I.

    The show’s cast is also impressive. Lila Coogan is a star as the brave, yet confused, Anya. Stephen Brower’s portrayal of Dmitry compliments her perfectly. Together, the two make music. At the show’s end, the audience’s reaction to Tari Kelly even surprised her. They loudly applauded for her performance as Countess Lily, a fun-loving aristocrat.

    Anastasia is at TPAC through March 24 and this show is suitable for all ages. They also just recently announced a $25 pre-show ticket lottery for the March 20 and March 21 performances. Entries will be taken at the Jackson Hall Box Office starting two and a half hours before each show. Find out more or get your tickets here.

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