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    Amos Lee Overcomes Strep Throat to Bring Nashville to Church

    “I’m not missing this for nothing,” Amos Lee said Sunday night at Ryman Auditorium.

    After coming down with strep throat and laryngitis earlier in the week, Lee postponed one of his two Ryman shows. Instead of playing Friday and Saturday at the historic venue, he performed Saturday and Sunday. On a beautiful Sunday evening in Music City, Lee took his audience to church.

    “It just feels right,” he said about playing that magical venue on a Sunday night. The singer-songwriter started his set with “Learned a Lot” and “Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight.” It was evident he wasn’t feeling 100% but he gave it his all and mesmerized the crowd that couldn’t help but sing his praises.

    He shared stories of a breakup that resulted in a good and an album, and a night with a couple of Mexican women and some tequila that resulted in some of his most whimsical songs.

    Since his voice was a little “froggy,” Lee invited a few Nashville-based musicians to help him out. One musician, Jason, helped Lee on a few songs and even took a few moments to sing a little gospel at the Mother Church. Fans sang along before thanking him with raucous cheers. Nashville’s Shel also performed with Lee on a couple of songs but it was Liza’s beatboxing that really wowed the audience.

    Lee ended the night with a two-song encore that started with just him and a guitar. After he sang “Night Train,” which he dedicated to his mom that drove all the way to Music City from Jersey, he concluded with “Arms of a Woman.”

    The “Sweet Pea” singer is still on tour with stops coming up in Knoxville, Louisville, Birmingham and more. Even if he’s not singing at the Mother Church, he’s sure to make your night a religious experience.

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