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    AmericanaFest 2023: Photos from Day Five in Nashville

    We closed out our AmericanaFest adventure on Saturday with the Black Oak Artists Day Party at Dee’s with a lineup that included Van Plating and Trapper Schoepp. After that, it was over to AB Hillsboro Village for Jessye DeSilva.

    During the 3 o’clock hour at Dee’s, Plating donned a pair of cut offs and a cowboy hat looking like a country queen. Her music truly defies genres, making her beautiful sound appeal to fans of all kinds of music. She recently released Orange Blossom Child which includes the standout title track and “The Hard Way” with Reckless Kelly.

    Trapper Schoepp also played during the hour. Schoepp is a musician from Milwaukee that combines multi genres with his captivating storytelling. Check out Siren Songs that he released earlier this year.

    Over in Hillsboro village, we saw the talented singer-songwriter from Boston, DeSilva. They most recently released, Renovations, back in July. According to a post on their website, the album “chronicles an ongoing journey to self-love and acceptance: examining identity and trauma, reckoning with privilege and marginalization, reconciling self-image with others’ images of you, finding power in vulnerability, and learning to give yourself grace, advocate for yourself, and ignore the haters.” If that’s not enough to make you want to check out DeSilva’s music, we don’t know what will.

    Check out more photos from our fifth, and final, day at AmericanaFest 2023 below. Missed our early coverage? See day one photos here, day two images here (day three called for a break!) and day four images here. All photos are courtesy of Will Payne Harrison.