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Alexis Wilkins Debut Single Interview
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Alexis Wilkins Makes a Difference with Her Debut Single | Interview

When COVID-19 hit and the world got rather bleak, new country artist Alexis Wilkins knew she had to do something. The up-and-comer stepped up by releasing her inspirational debut single (“Holdin’ On“) early — and donating the proceeds. The track could not be more fitting for this pandemic.

“When [Mitch Rossell and I] wrote it we just talked about how people sometimes hold on to the wrong things and let go of the right things and vice versa,” she explains of the song they wrote “pre-corona.” “We just wanted to really focus on the fact that we hold on to our values, we hold on to each other, the things that are truly important when life’s a little weird… We did not know how relevant it was going to be.”

The new song isn’t just a way for her to remind people that “it’s all going to be ok,” it’s also a way for her to take immediate action. The Arkansas native is donating all of the song’s proceeds to Musicians on Call, an organization she’s been working with for several years. Through them, she’s been able to visit and play for patients in hospitals and says it’s “mind-blowing” how much the music can change a patient’s demeanor. Unfortunately, now with Coronavirus, these visits just aren’t possible. Instead, they’re doing virtual performances and MOC curated a positive playlist.

“I hope that it helps.”

Giving back has always been important to Wilkins. When she was six years old, she learned about the devastating coal fires in Pennsylvania. Even at that young age, she was called to help.

“I went to my mom and I asked her if we could donate all of our money,” she says with a laugh. Her mom explained how giving works and Wilkins decided to record a positive song and put it online for different charities. “The song taught me that you could make a difference, not only in how people felt listening to your music but also donating and making a difference there.”

Wilkins carried that with her all these years later and is still making a difference with her music. “Holdin’ On” is available now, with all of the proceeds benefitting Musicians on Call. Download your own copy below and share this interview with someone else who needs some positivity today.