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    Alex Stern Discusses Her Vulnerable New Single, ‘Dreamin”

    It’s New Music Friday and Alex Stern has a personal new track out. She chatted with Nashville Noise about the single and the very real inspiration behind it.

    Dreamin’” is Stern’s brand new track and it shows a different side of the singer-songwriter. She co-wrote the track alongside Matt Pingel and it’s her signature confession-style songwriting. This time around, though, she’s a lot more vulnerable.

    “It feels amazing to release my new single “Dreamin’” because this song reveals a layer of my vulnerability I’ve never had a chance to show before as an artist,” she explains. “I truly hope that this song gives my listeners a deeper sense of who I am and that they can relate its story to their own similar situations. It’s really the most exhilarating feeling to work so hard on something you are passionate about and then once you’ve created the vision you imagined in your mind, letting go of it. It’s the most terrifying and freeing feeling in the world.”

    Stern wrote the song based on a relationship from her past, which really helped her to open up.

    “Parts of the song have lyrics, that were words I wish I could have said to the person I ended my relationship with, so this single means so much to me and helped me to feel a sense of closure from the relationship that I hadn’t felt for so long. This song was really organic to write with my friend Matt because we were both going through breakup situations.”

    “When this single was written, the lyrics came really naturally because they were completely revolved around real and honest emotions. When I was trying to think of lyrics to best capture the feelings behind the relationship situation that inspired us during the writing session, I wanted to say the brutal truth and come clean about the truth of how the relationship really stayed so vivid in my memory.”

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    Jessica Steddom

    Along with the single is the gorgeous, vivid single art. Stern’s friend, Jessica Steddom, took the photo and got it just right. “She captured the dreamy vibe I wanted perfectly and it was so important for me to pick a photo that included my grandma’s turquoise rings because they always remind me of my family and my New Mexico roots.”

    Stern is currently playing shows outside Nashville but hopes to make it to Music City this spring. Stay tuned for dates as they’re announced and download your own copy of “Dreamin’.”