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    ‘A Star is Born’: A Heartbreakingly Beautiful, Must-See Remake

    The 2018 remake of A Star is Born will inspire you, make you fall in love and break your heart simultaneously. It’s a must-see version of the film and a gentle reminder that, sometimes, remakes can actually outshine the original.

    With just days until its release, A Star is Born is already generating award buzz — and for good reason. Most remakes don’t retell the story adequately. Sometimes, the actors miss the mark. Other times, the directing just doesn’t stand up to the original. This time around, though, the film more than stacks up. It’s a perfect combination of incredible directing, raw acting talent and a soundtrack that completes the storyline. It’s the perfect recipe to make this one of the best films of the year.

    A Star is Born is the tragic love story of Bradley Cooper (Jackson Maine) and Lady Gaga (Ally). Maine is a rock superstar who falls in love with the very talented Ally. Ally doesn’t believe in herself, or her talent, but Maine does. He convinces her to join him for a duet and the two make beautiful music together. Their love story isn’t a fairytale, though, as Maine fights his own personal battles and struggles with addiction.

    Lady Gaga makes her acting debut playing Ally and she does so beautifully. She portrays a struggling, unsure woman with big dreams so well that we feel her nerves along with her. This portion of the role wasn’t a stretch for the pop star who was once bullied for wanting to be an artist. That inspiration combined with her undeniable talent makes it seem like she’s been acting her whole life, not like she’s just taking the big screen for the first time.

    There’s one scene in particular that Lady Gaga really nailed. Before Ally first joins Maine onstage at a concert, we ride along with her to the venue. From the moment she gets in the car to the moment she reluctantly walks out on that stage, the movie theater was completely silent. It was like we were up there with her, nervously wondering what to do and how the massive concert crowd would react. It’s a turning point for the movie and the moment film critics will see her as an actress, not just a singer.

    While Gaga made her acting debut, Cooper made his singing debut. He starts the film off and draws the audience in with his rockstar appeal. His voice is surprisingly impressive and he’s mesmerizing to watch in the role, hypnotizing the audience like a modern day Jim Morrison. It feels like we’re watching actual concert footage, not like we’re watching Cooper play a role of a fictitious rocker.

    Simply put, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are out of this world in their respective roles. Their chemistry is electric and their voices flow together perfectly. It won’t be long before music fans are calling on Cooper to release a song for each of his future films (and I wouldn’t blame them). His singing is a large part of this movie’s soundtrack, a soundtrack that carries the story along. The music flows along with the lover’s tale, changing as they evolve and grow. Ultimately, it’s one song that’ll break your heart in the end.

    Along with showing off his vocal chops in A Star is Born, Cooper also proved that he’s more than capable of directing a real film. After seeing this movie, it’s hard to believe that it’s his directorial debut. His work comes across on the screen like that of a seasoned pro. He seamlessly balances his work as an actor with his work as a director, making the movie really come to life. No doubt, this labor of love was well worth the several years he worked on it.

    From start to finish, this move is raw, emotional, heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s a must-see for movie buffs, Little Monsters, music fans and anyone who’s ever been told they can’t achieve their dreams.