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    2021 Nashville Film Festival: Day Three Recap

    Yesterday, the Nashville Film Festival had another full slate of movies. Here’s what I watched for day three!


    We all seek out different ways to get our creative juices flowing and that’s what Lennon does in Poser. The best thing about this film (aside from Sylvie Mix’s performance as Lennon) is that it shows that from the start. Lennon starts out shy but as the journey progresses, she gains confidence and starts to open up and find her own voice.

    This film wouldn’t work without the phenomenal performance by Mix. The transformation that Lennon goes through only works because of her. She made the role relatable to the viewer, pulling us into her creative little world. I was impressed with her ability to change who she was within the role as the part expanded.

    Even with some minor issues, Poser is (as of right now) my favorite Nashville Film Festival selection. The balanced story of Lennon and Mix’s performance makes it such a treat.

    Renaissance Man

    This documentary short follows William, a former Army tank driver who decides to audition for the Medieval Fair. The story is heartfelt, charming, and serves as a reminder to appreciate the family we have. William is able to reel us in with his open heart as we see his journey to get the family he never had.

    Hex & Rage

    Hex & Rage has absolutely gorgeous cinematography. It was bright and vibrant, a contrast to the drank and grim story which starts out with teens Gia (Clara McGregor) and Amber (Riel Macklem). They want to learn witchcraft, but the audience isn’t sure of the reasoning behind it.

    This is a twisted dark comedy that’s well-written, acted, and directed. McGregor and Macklem are a talented duo. I’d love to see them in a full-length feature based on the same story.

    Max is Bleeding

    Jordan Anstatt shot Max is Bleeding in a way that puts us right in the shoes of Courtney. She doesn’t say much but her demeanor and emotions say everything. Chloe Sirene plays the character in an emotionally charged way, bringing us along for her every emotion she feels. We feel them through her expressions and body movements in this moving performance.