The 1975 Throw a ’90s House Party in ‘Me & You Together Song’ Video


The music video for The 1975‘s new song “Me & You Together Song” is out now. It’s a nearly four-minute visual, directed by Bedroom, with 90s vibes and an epic house party.

The video starts with a CD in a pink jewel case. The CD reads the title of the song with a heart scribbled next to it. A girl pops it in her pink boombox and, as the music plays, we see The 1975 playing in a wood-paneled room. They’re each donning 90s garb including vintage sunnies and a “porn star” tee.

The video is full of couples of all kinds, each finding young love. The house party is reminiscent of high school days. You remember the days where you’d spot your crush across a crowded room and time felt like it stood still? Those feelings of nostalgia run rampant in this new video.

Watch the visual above and find out more about the song here. This track is from their forthcoming album, Notes on a Conditional Form, which drops April 24 via Dirty Hit/Interscope. Pre-order the record by clicking on the album artwork below.

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